Atanu Bandyopadhyay

Atanu-1-1 Atanu Bandyopadhyay

Atanu is an Electronics Engineer by academia, a software consultant by profession and a Landscape Photographer by passion. Fluent in Bengali, Hindi, English and adept in French. Apart from photography, he also likes to explore, hike, backpack and drive around whenever he can manage some time and opportunity from his busy schedule. Born and raised in a small village of Bankura, West Bengal, India he is extremely proud of his connection and till date deeply attached to his place of birth. Having spent almost a decade in North America, he has explored a vast part of the continent and fell in love with NA. He has a soft spot towards night sky in general and have an affair with Western US since it is his most favorite place to photograph in the whole world. Rather than award, fame and fanfare, he values the quality of his work more than anything else. At the same time, he is an ambivert and does not shy away from having friendly conversation or a chat over his work or photography in general. Loyal to his family and his friends, he is always helpful to everyone. When required, he even goes on spending some extra time for someone in need of any assistance since he values relationship above all. Deeply connected to nature, he is extremely mindful about his footprints on environment and tries every action to minimize it. He shares his deep passion and interest of photography with many of his close friends whom he believes has helped him improve his game by big margins at times. Mostly travels with his family and sometime with his friends, he gets to be at peace when he feels to have fulfilled and enjoyed the travel combined with some ‘score shots’ upto his satisfaction. Although mostly an agnostic, he is deeply respectful of all religion and values the equality across gender, cast, color and creed.