Colours by Aparna Garodia

Pablo Picasso once said, “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” For me, photography was a blissful accident from a few years ago. Along my journey, I have been fortunate to find great mentors and gurus to help me hone my skills. I began this journey by clicking pictures on my iPhone 4. I continue to enjoy iPhone photography. You can view some of my work that has been uploaded here by Jassi Oberoi and Rajneesh Pawar of Xploring Light. I remain grateful for their continued support and encouragement.

The science of macro photography involves the art of breathing life into tiny objects. From that very first moment I held the camera in my hands, I was immediately infatuated with macro photography. I began to realize that what was mundane and trivial to the human eye was actually larger than life within the circumference of my lens. Even today the dance and play of colors continues to fascinate me. The hues and shades of ordinary things such as corners and doors or petals and locks speak volumes. For me, art is liberated and alive through color as shot from my iphone.


FullSizeRender_1 Colours by Aparna Garodia FullSizeRender Colours by Aparna Garodia IMG_0377 Colours by Aparna Garodia IMG_0554 Colours by Aparna Garodia IMG_0555 Colours by Aparna Garodia IMG_0563 Colours by Aparna Garodia IMG_2448 Colours by Aparna Garodia IMG_2450 Colours by Aparna Garodia IMG_2607 Colours by Aparna Garodia IMG_2744 Colours by Aparna Garodia


Post by: Aparna Garodia

Blog-DP Colours by Aparna Garodia

Most people think that photographers bloom from early one. But for Aparna, photography was a happy accident as late as 2012. When she returned from her holiday in Goa, she realized that she enjoyed shooting on her iPhone 4. Her thoughts were focused on doing better buying a camera. Google search exercises to understand the workings of a camera were as futile as water on a duck’s back. At this juncture, she thought it best to attend a workshop where the mentor would guide her on what camera to buy and how to use it. So, her search for a photography class took her to Udaan School of Photography where she was counseled by Mr. Arko Datta. She was totally smitten by his photography perspectives that she enrolled herself for a 2 week program.  She enjoyed every moment of every one of those sessions. She learned not only the nuances and physics of the art but was inspired by Arko’s intense passion.

In her own words: “I was lucky to find a mentor in Mr. Hari Mahidar who honed and groomed my skills for the next 2 years.  Over the years I continued to enjoy taking pictures and attending workshops to refresh and increase my knowledge on the subject. Traveling and photography go hand in hand for me. All it takes is an excuse to get out of Mumbai. The highlight of my career came in 2016 when a photograph taken on an iPhone was selected by Apple for its ‘Colors’ campaign. I was overwhelmed with joy. I find myself increasingly shooting with the iPhone simply because it is so handy. I believe I have found my calling – I can’t stop ‘seeing’.”



  1. Raj Sarkar

    17 October

    Excellent photostory. Feel proud of you

  2. Gayatri Murty

    17 October

    Aparna, your skill in photography reflects what you are, a bright soul, with quite a vivid imagination. The colours do come alive, and I am sure you will soon publish your book on Photography, related to both urban and rural India. My best wishes. Congratulations on what you have achieved this far.

  3. Anushri

    17 October

    Wat beautiful colours captured right!

  4. Sreeranj Sreedhar

    23 October

    Good series..enjoyed the arrangements…congrats on your feature

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