Jassi Oberai

jassi-1 Jassi Oberai

There are those who walk a different path, those who see the world with eyes that create glorious images, those that explore and learn each step of the way.
One such talented professional is Jassi Oberai who has taken the art of photography to sophisticated levels through his constant quest for images that stay long after they have been shot.
Jassi took a deep dive into photography in 2008, and after an initial foray, in 2010 he decided to quit his job of 15 years to pursue the passion full time. He started conducting workshops for Canon India in late 2010 and after an initial round of workshops and photo tours under his own name, he founded Light Chasers in 2013. 
He has journeyed with his camera across the country and beyond, always looking for the magical light that shines on nature, on everyday life of the human spectrum and capturing them. From capturing brilliant landscapes, shooting portraiture and various other genres Jassi does it all effortlessly with his great use of colors in everything that he shoots. In his own words, “Colors can give a whole new look to something rather mundane or something we are used to. To me that’s what I like the most about photography- looking at the world in new ways.” Jassi’s passion is much more than capturing stunning visuals, he is all about giving the knowledge that he has garnered in his professional journey and so ventured into creating ’Xploring Light’ a company that delivers in its core competence- photography at all levels.
You can either find him hanging on some distant trail juggling frames and lines creating compelling images or sprinkling nuggets of recent techniques and imagery to aspiring photographers in  workshops spreading this passion called photography.