Why Photography Workshops?

If a person invests in a camera, there’s a spontaneous propensity of getting bit by the ‘photography bug’. Picking up a camera seems to unleash a previously unknown curiosity about our photographers’ planet, which inspires us to seek out an exotic destination together with a different  experience for ourselves. Photography is all about capturing the moment, time and place. Photo Tours help you get the best out of a location and explore areas which otherwise remain unexplored by a normal tourist. Accompanying Photo Mentor helps you learn different nuances of photography while on the move which is otherwise not possible.

Why Xploring Light?

At Xploring Light we are curious. We are curious about why some places are so beautiful, why they keep calling us back.

We are curious about the stories behind the people we meet.

We are curious about the imperfections that gives character to everything around us, despite our search for perfection.

We are curious about the mountains and the beaches, happy children & interesting faces, about exploring that off-the-beaten path and finding some places in our own neighbourhood.

It is this very curiosity that passions our life.

At Xploring Light we just don’t give you an option to explore and learn, we help you #PassionYourLife and make your journey a memory to cherish for your lifetime.

Adobe Lightroom Workshop

Adobe-Lightroom-Workshop Workshops
Dates: 14th April, 2019
Venue: Future Forward, New Delhi, IN

Art of Creating Black and White : Post Processing

Art-of-Creating-Black-and-White-1 Workshops
Dates:19th March, 2023
Venue: Online

Travel & Landscape Photography

Liquor-bottle-photography-workshop. Workshops
Dates: 26th March, 2023
Venue: Online on Zoom

Mastering the Art of Fashion & Beauty Retouching

fashion-retouching-thumbnail Workshops
Dates: 21st April, 2019
Venue:  Future Forward, Delhi

ENLIGHTEN – Beauty Photography Workshop

Enlighten-Beauty-Photography-Workshop Workshops
Dates: 20th April, 2019
Venue: Future Forward, Delhi

Shoot and After Basic Photography Workshop

Shot-and-After-1 Workshops
Dates: Launching Soon
Venue: Future Forward, New Delhi, IN

Portrait Photography Workshop

portrait-photography Workshops
Dates: 2nd April, 2023
Venue:  Online on Zoom

ENLIGHTEN – Studio Lighting & Fashion Photography Workshop

ENLIGHTEN-Studio-Lighting-and-Fashion-Photography-Workshop-1 Workshops
Dates: Launching Soon
Venue: Future Forward, New Delhi, IN

After the Shot Workshop

after-the-shot Workshops
Dates: Launching Soon
Venue:  Future Forward, New Delhi, IN

Exposure Demystified

Exposure-Demystified Workshops
Dates : Launching Soon
Venue:  Future Forward, New Delhi, IN

Jewellery Photography Workshop

Jewellery-Photography-Workshop Workshops
Dates: Launching Soon
Venue:  Future Forward, New Delhi, IN

Post Processing – Advanced Workshop

Post-Processing-Advanced-Workshop Workshops
Dates: Launching Soon
Venue:  Future Forward, New Delhi, IN

Post Processing – Beyond Basics

Post-Processing-1 Workshops
Dates: Launching Soon
Venue:  Future Forward, New Delhi, IN

ENLIGHTEN – Studio Lighting & Fashion Photography Workshop

ENLIGHTEN-Studio-Lighting-and-Fashion-Photography-Workshop Workshops
Dates: Launching Soon
Venue: Studio Future Forward, Gurgaon