Prasad Ambati

Prasad-Ambati Prasad Ambati

I’m a software professional. I haven’t travelled to anywhere outside my hometown till I was 21. and it was my 21st year i got into a train for the first time. During my education years, history and geography have interested me and increased my desire to travel to various places in this world, as it grew with me, once i started my professional journey, i make sure i travel to some where often. Exploring new places, new cultures, people always interested me. As i travel, i wanted to document them and thats where i started learning photography.


Lot of online resources and friends helped me in my photography journey in learning it. My photographs have been published in National Geographic Learning Text books, National geographic Traveler magazine, Garuda Indonesia inflight magazines, Telegraph UK, Guardian UK and various other media both in print and online. My goal is to travel as many places as possible on this earth and photograph them.