Pushkar Testimonials

Anirudh Poddar (Chicago, USA): Vibrant Pushkar 2018


Anirudh Pushkar Testimonials

‘Maybe he was a wrestler in his previous life’. This is what I thought when I first met Rajneesh….:)

I quickly discovered, though, that Rajneesh is a gentle giant albeit an absolute pro at street and portrait photography.

And the same goes for Tashun Ma’am Sonali…:)

They say that people are blessed with either being great behind the lens or in front of it. Sonali, is one of the rare individuals who is a great portrait photographer and incredibly photogenic herself.

The two of them are great instructors, laid back and have loads of patience keeping track of the group in a super chaotic environment like the Pushkar fair.


This is my second XploringLight tour and I was left wondering the same question I had after my first tour with them:

‘with everything that they provide and arrange for, how could this company be making any money at all?’

Truly, this company provides exceptional value for money.

Sameer Narvekar (Dubai): Xploring Rajasthan and Vibrant Pushkar 2018


Sameer Pushkar Testimonials

I guess the Pushkar Fair is on the bucket list of many photographers – both professional and hobbyist alike- When I stumbled upon the Pushkar photo tour by Xploring Light, I quickly realized that this was adjacent to Xploring Rajasthan. That made my decision easy and I signed up for both these tours.

I must express that these were one of the best photo tours (cum workshops) I attended. Jassi -our mentor for Xploring Rajasthan – was very dedicated in creating and exploring photo opportunities for us participants. He did not carry his camera on some occasions so we had his undivided attention.
Secondly, the focus was on overall mentoring with emphasis on the pre-snapping thought process and not so much on the technical aspects of photography. Which helped me in understanding myself better as a photographer.
Thankfully this focus on mentoring carried over into the Pushkar tour with Rajneesh and Sonali. The critique/review sessions in the evening were especially helpful for me.

I came back with happy memories, good photos and great moments shared not just with the mentors but the whole group/s.

I would highly recommend Xploring Light to everyone.

I am certain to join Xploring Light on another photo adventure – until then…

Sudakshina Chopra (Singapore): Vibrant Pushkar 2018


Sudakshina Pushkar Testimonials

I have been for a few photo tours … but this was my first time in India and it surely Stands Out.. This was maiden tour with Xploring Light…. in 2018 Nov I went to Pushkar Fair with them… the tour was very well organised… they were complete professionals … we had an excellent tutorial on portraits in the midst of the fair ground… the models (local girls) were simply amazing and was such a pleasure to capture them… Both the mentors were fantastic.. a special mention to Rajneesh for patiently listening to all our queries , seeing our images and answering to our questions….. every evening we would have a review session with the entire group and that was immensely helpful… I was  lucky to be a part of an amazing group …. we were a bunch of fun loving, friendly, like minded photo enthusiasts…. which made this tour Super fun… looking forward to many more tours with Xploring Light…

Ishan Datar (Pune) – Vibrant Pushkar Oct. 2017


ishan Pushkar Testimonials

I had just purchased my DSLR a month before and decided to go for the Vibrant Pushkar Photo Tour. The Vibrant Pushkar photo tour was my first photo tour. Being a beginner in photography, Jassi sir and Rajneesh sir guided me and provided a lot of encouragement. The review sessions helped me to click better pictures. I could see the improvement in the quality of my photos daily. I had submitted four photos for an exhibition out of which three were selected and one of them is put on display for a year. The entire group was also helping me out, motivating and correcting me. Thank you Jassi sir, Rajneesh sir and the entire group for encouraging and guiding me and also for making the trip a massive success and an unforgettable experience.

Regina Yang (USA) – Vibrant Pushkar Oct 2017


Regina-young Pushkar Testimonials

Since this is our first trip to North India, I was initially hesitant to sign on.  Jassi’s prompt responses to my many inquires allayed my concerns by helping with transportation logistics.
Xploring Light exceeded my expectations.  Our mentors, Jassi and Rajneesh offered expert instructions, patient guidance and constructive feedback.  Their passion and professionalism were awe inspiring.  Fellow participants warmly shared Indian culture and hospitality.
We will treasure memories of this Pushkar photographic experience.

Navin Sood (Faridabad) – Vibrant Pushkar Oct 2017


Navin-sood Pushkar Testimonials

I have taken a photo tour with Xploring Light to Pushkar 2017. It has been a wonderful experience on all levels. The whole tour was very well organised with respect to travel, stay, logistics, food etc. the group was very enthusiastic towards learning and sharing photography techniques and skills. Most importantly, it was an excellent opportunity to experiment with the various techniques of light, exposure, depth of field, colour, natural n street photography experiences, photographing a model n constant coaching n guidance by our mentor! It was an enjoyable, hands-on n practical experience n I would love to participate in more such opportunities in future.

Pankaj Yadav (Gurgaon) – Vibrant Pushkar Oct 2017


Pankaj-Yadav Pushkar Testimonials

Jassi and his team organised an excellent photo tour of Pushkar. They made a lot of effort to ensure that we were able to experience the Camel fair with all its nuances and richness and the lighting class by Rajneesh, early in the morning at the camel ground was of immense help. The evening review of the images by Jassi was very helpful in understanding how we could improve upon our craft. All in all, a wonderful photo tour of “Vibrant Pushkar” by Xploring Light.

Susheel Durani (Mumbai) – Spiritual Varanasi Nov. 2016


Susheel-Durani Pushkar Testimonials

On conclusion of long and busy academic careers, I and my wife Neelam decided to combine travel and photography as our post retirement engagement. In looking to initiate the interest, we really turned lucky in having come across Xploring Light as the tour organisers and photomentors rolled into one. We joined their Mesmerising Ladakh tour in the summer of 2016. We greatly enjoyed the experience and also learnt photography literally from scratch,  thanks primarily to the caliber and competence of Mr. Jassi Oberoi as both organiser and photomentor of the trip.

When Xploring Light announced their inaugural phototour of Varanasi in Nov 2016, joining them was a logical decision for me given my excellent experience with them in Ladakh.  But on reaching Varanasi two challenges emerged unexpectedly and surely would have doomed the tour. First demonitisation was announced only a few days earlier and due to his personal emergency Mr. Jassi Oberoi could not make it to Varanasi. While due to these challenges the tour could have been a fiasco,  Xploring Light produced another rabbit out of their hat, in form of Mr. Rajneesh Panwar, who again turned out to be an excellent organiser and a wonderful photomentor.

Hats off to Xploring Light for this another absolutely flawless photo tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and made excellent new friends. All I can say is that me and my wife Neelam are more or less permanent clients and do look forward to a long association with the Xploring Light.

Hamni Juni (Malaysia) – Spiritual Varanasi Nov. 2016


HamniJuni Pushkar Testimonials

Xploring Light’ Spiritual Varanasi photo trip embraces the sights, sounds, color, movement & contrasts of the scared Ganga. It enabled us to experience the Dev Deepavali to locations not
available to most overseas visitors was incredibly valuable. We were a small select group, a mix of photographers from  across the globe to enhanced the experience. We talked over the
meals which was excellent & off the next morning for an adventure which was such fun & educational.  The pleasure I had getting to know everyone in the group.
My special thanks to Rajnessh Panwar,  the photo mentor for making the trip extremely special. You eased us into the culture, making us comfortable to venture on our own & gave us
options whenever needed.  Your passion was obvious & your attention to details, maximising the use of our time there ensuring we photographed as much as we possibly could.
The trip was a fantastic adventure. it was the perfect balance of photography, social & cultural experience.

Capt. Rigved Bhatnagar (Hyderabad) – Vibrant Pushkar Nov. 2016


Rigved-Bhatnagar Pushkar Testimonials

Waited more than a year to be on the tour. The course fee changed in that time but since I had shown interest in the tour way earlier, I was charged at old fees, it was a pleasant surprise. Not to save money but to see the intent of The man.
I guess I learnt how to hold a camera in this tour. My perspective changed from day 1 – what to click to day 3- how to click – what to click.
For me its a long way to learn but I am glad I chose my first class well.
Rajneesh Panwar thanks for your patience in teaching me.

Timothy Wong (Hong Kong) – Magical Pushkar and Spiritual Varanasi Nov. 2016


timothy-wong Pushkar Testimonials

Pushkar and Varanasi tours were my first two photography tours with Xploring Light, and both were mentored by Rajneesh Panwar.  Fortunately, my decision to join Light Chaser photography tours was correct, because my needs were fitted with their arrangements.

About the Pushkar tour, the itinerary allowed me to have enough time to capture my favourite topics in a series.   Besides, an unexpected mini portrait session also gave me a surprise and a special photo series.

In the Varanasi tour, I did arrive one day in advance.  Rajneesh provided an extra morning session for us before the actual itinerary begin.  His effort was highly appreciated.   There were many different activities in different places during Dev Deepawali, I definitely will miss some interesting moments if no Rajneesh’s guild and effort.  Besides, our mentor arranged some review sessions.  I was glad to watch the masterpieces of other experienced photographers and listen to their opinion.  It was a special lesson in my photography life.

After these two workshops, I have full confidence with Xploring Light’ arrangement in activities, hotel and meals.

Rajoo Naik (Goa) – Vibrant Pushkar Nov. 2016


Rajoo-Naik-3 Pushkar Testimonials

From last few years I am attached with Xploring Light group.
Now, it’s like my family.I have joined most of their photo tours and learned  a lot.
Unfortunately I am not well from last 2 years but still confidently joined their Holi tour at Mathura & now Pushkar because of my trust in them.
This Pushkar tour was very informative. Although the fair itself was not good compared to earlier ones (as informed by experienced people who attended last year’s) it was still satisfying for me because of these mentors Jassi sir and Rajneesh Panwar. With experience they know the exact happening places.
Now they have created a family of great photographers from all over the world who join their tours & so we never feel far from family.
Their photography tips are great. Already planning to join their next photo tour.

Luba Fein (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Magical Pushkar, Nov. 2016


Luba Pushkar Testimonials

On November 2016 I joined a photo trip with Xploring Light to Pushkar camel fair. Our group was led by Rajneesh Panwar, an experienced fashion, fine art and street photographer and the Photo Mentor Jassi Oberai. The tour was amazing from the first to the last shot. Despite the over-population of photographers’ presence in the fair, Jassi and Rajneesh used their rich photography and local knowledge to make sure, that all of us will have unique, special images. The logistics and especially the social part of the trip were also taken care of the best way possible.
Not surprisingly, the first thing I have done after completing this tour was booking yet another tour by the same company – only four days later!

Sonali Devnani (Hong Kong) – Magical Pushkar, Nov. 2016


Sonali-2 Pushkar Testimonials

One year – three times already  chasing light with Xploring Light and there’s always something new being on a tour with them.  Before the tour has even come to an end my plan and request to block a seat on the next one is now a mandatory custom.

My second Pushkar tour last month with Xploring Light included many surprises such as mini portrait sessions,  talks on exposure , composition and new technical knowledge all in the action packed three days. Every aspect of Pushkar is covered by the mentors that lead the group . An insider knowledge that even locals are unaware of, to every road, tea spot and photo opportunity in Pushkar. I have travelled across India for photography as attended workshops with many others but there has never been a more personalised and well planned tour like the ones Xploring Light offer and Needless to say, this event is marked on my annual calendar as a religious pilgrimage with them and I cannot imagine a visit without their guidance. My mentors Jassi ji and Rajneesh catered to the finest details … even to my preference of where I could enjoy an authentic Rajasthani breakfast …

I probably will never be able to attend anything that is so fantastically organised and taught by such passionate people. As always the mentors keep the group together, and on every tour just add another gem to the list of friends .. the long standing friendships I have made by attending these tours with like minded people has only made me fall in love with photography all over again … thank u for helping me passion my life .

Sahil Fauzdar (Noida) – Magical Pushkar, Nov. 2016


sahil Pushkar Testimonials

Pushkar… otherwise a sleepy town which marks the beginning of Thar… and come November, it starts to buzz. Brahma & the holy dip… camels & its herdsmen… the singers & their dancers…  the pagdees & the ghunghat… The Bhopas & the kalbelias… and Rajneesh and Jassi… the Xploring Light.

What a wonderful experience of hospitality, warmth, mentor ship and photography. Tutorial trip was made so much fun, that nowhere it felt like lessons. It was all about meeting some wonderful people, some time tested wrinkled faces and some dusty hoof of camels, who gave way to some amazing pictures. What looked so divine in the images later was this seamless guidance of you guys.

It was an amazing experience… my first with you Xploring Light, but many more to come… you guys are the best !!!

Anjali Haridass, Bangalore


Anjali-1 Pushkar Testimonials

I had a wonderful trip to Pushkar with Xploring Light. Both Jassi Oberai and Subir Basak are amazing teachers – no holding back! Characteristics to be admired!!! They were always attentive to each participants needs. It was great seeing Pushkar through their eyes (partly) – a real ‘eye opener’… 🙂 !! Cheers to many more trips with you guys! Thank you!

Ketan shah, Mumbai


Ketan-1 Pushkar Testimonials

Pushkar has immense opportunities for different genres of photography like street, portrait, landscapes, culture etc. Jassi is now a best buddy of mine. A friend, guide and savior at times. Looking forward to many more tours. I had a wonderful learning experience.

Rajiv Desai, USA


Rajeev-1 Pushkar Testimonials

The Vibrant Pushkar photography workshop was an exhilarating four days during which my initial inhibitions of being an amateur photographer amongst professionals melted away quickly, leading to extensive learning from the mentors and team members, brilliant photo opportunities, local cultural experiences and much more. During the workshop, my learning curve was positively steep, replete with technical tricks, tips and ideas. I left Pushkar with many satisfying images and a renewed passion to continue looking through the lens.

Sharat Kumar (Hyderabad) – Vibrant Pushkar 2014


Sharat-Kumar-1 Pushkar Testimonials

Had a great trip to Pushkar with Jassi. Very well organised small group trip with personalized attention and suggestions. This trip to Pushkar and my interactions with Jassi has been a huge inspiration and a big learning experience. This will remain with me for ever. After I got back home I was reviewing my old pictures are realized small things that I had was ignoring in framing and focusing. I will make it a point to hold my camera at-least one hour every week. This is a promise I have made to myself.

Jassi – many thanks once again to be patient and to have taken me on this wonderful trip. I will keep an eye on your website/ emails for other trips. The real challenge for me is to balance my work and make time to join you on the photo trips. Thanks.


Isabel Posadas Aguado (Mexico) – Rang Leela 2013 and Vibrant Pushkar 2014


Isabel-1 Pushkar Testimonials

I´ve done two tours with Xploring Light, one was for Holi and the last one was for the Camel Festival in Pushkar. Both of them very well organized. Living and experiencing so important Indian celebrations with people who know what they talk about makes a huge difference. I always felt safe and enjoy every minute. Jassi is always keen to share with the group members his knowledge about photography and continuously gives advises on how to be better photographers. I can´t wait to take another tour with Xploring Light. They are the best!

Kuntal Paul (Bhubaneshwar) – Vibrant Pushkar 2014


Kuntal-1 Pushkar Testimonials

It was a great experience to be part of Vibrant Pushkar Photo Tour organized by Xploring Light. Though I have been into photography for quite sometime now and received few distinctions in India and abroad, this tour gave me an opportunity to learn new things from our Mentor, Mr. Jassi Oberai. Thank you Jassiji, for your guidance and tips you shared during the tour and above all, for taking care of all of us. Entire tour was very well planned. I would definitely like to be part of such tours organized by Xploring Light in future.

Amit Abichandani (Mumbai) – Vibrant Pushkar 2014


Amit-Abichandani-1 Pushkar Testimonials

This was the 1st time I went for a Photo tour with Xploring Light. It was indeed an honor for me to learn improvement skills on photography from Jassi. Earlier my thinking was, only high end lens can capture quality images, but quality depends major on how you make your camera behave to situations, is what I have learnt on this tour. Understanding composition, frames, lighting conditions,metering modes would surely help me in future. With every morning and new tips from Jassi my frames kept on improving. I would also like to mention, uptil now Jassi is the only Professional photographer whom I have met, had 100% accurate advice and suggestions he shared with entire group, unlike others who shared only 60 to 70% of their knowledge. Overall it was a wonderful experience and a special thanks to entire group for their love and support.

Achin Gupta (New Delhi) – Vibrant Pushkar 2014



It was an honour working with Jassi Sir in the field and learn during Pushkar’14 trip . It is terrific when few like minded people come along together, their energy, their motivation and their focus cannot be diminished then. To my dear friends from the tour, I really appreciate the knowledge that we shared among us and made friends. Our paths will definitely cross again considering our common passion. I would like to thank Jassi Sir for organizing this great tour and hopefully I will meet him again in near future in other photo tour. Thank you.

Swapnil Agaskar (Mumbai) – Vibrant Pushkar Nov. 2015


Swapnil-1 Pushkar Testimonials

I’ve been chasing the Pushkar dream for quite a few years now! Xploring Light (and Jassi) showed light to my chase finally!! Wonderful trip and a bagful of images….all thanks to Xploring Light!!

Supriya Suriyanarayanan (Bangalore) – Vibrant Pushkar Nov. 2015


Supriya-1 Pushkar Testimonials

Writing this testimonial is hard. What can I say that hasn’t been said by all those who’ve experienced the Xploring Light brand of photography tours before me – I would just have to agree with them wholeheartedly and add my voice to the unison..

There’s very little you can fault with the Xploring Light experience. Remarkably well organised with fantastic transport, accommodation & food (i once remarked that whether i gain knowledge of photography or not, I certainly am gaining weight) they go the whole hog in ensuring the trip is seamlessly organised. All you have to worry about is your photography.

Talking of photography, a lot of research and hard work goes into ensuring you get great shots irrespective of how many photographers are on the scene . Jassi knows all the right places & the right people to help you go back with shots you can be proud of. My two trips with Jassi and Xploring Light, has fuelled my idee fixe for photography.

All said & done though, there’s one reason that brings me back to the XploringLight fold at every given opportunity – Jassi! The friend, guru & mentor all rolled into one affable, inspiring bundle.

This quote describes Jassi’s teaching philosophy accurately: “True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.” Do we then need any other reason to learn with Jassi and Xploring Light?


Anirban Bhattacharya (Oman, Muscat) – Vibrant Pushkar Nov. 2015


Anirban-B-1 Pushkar Testimonials

I was following Jassi Ji nearly from 2013. Due to my present professional career demand I didn’t get an opportunity to have a photo tour with him. This time after a long preplan finally I was able to fly 2000 km from Muscat to Pushkar only to attend his photo tour in Pushkar. I knew its worth even you travel 20,000 km to attend his tour or course. Loved his style of teaching. Its very clear and with a sufficient justification. People says in photography “You get what you pay for” But for him its ” you get a lot and you practically pay nothing”. Apart form his brilliant mentoring I found him as awesome personality and very easily approachable. Wish my circumstances be again in favour of having many more tour and course with him. I very very strongly recommend his mentoring. Pushkar Tour 2015 was awesome. Wish him also very very rewarding professional career ahead.


Kunal Changia (Siliguri) – Vibrant Pushkar Nov. 2015


Kunal-changia-1 Pushkar Testimonials

Ok. So lot of testimonials will read out about how great an experience it was with Jassi sir and the learning they imbed during the workshop etc. etc. Well, that aspect of being a part of this Product called ‘Xploring Light Photography Workshops’ is definite & a cent percent guaranteed return.

But what else ?

So for me apart from all the above, one of the best things that happened during this trip was the Memories ! Oh yes, may sound too dramatic or melodramatic but that’s very much it. It was my first trip with Jassi Sir and somehow I still cant get over it. Besides all the learning and great shots that we got to take during the trip, it was the friends I made or the ‘GROUP’ that leaves behind a lifelong stamp of fulfilment when you think about the trip. You get to meet some amazingly amazingly wonderful people and somehow the bond you will built with them would be something you can cherish for the rest of your life. Once this thing happens then the learning becomes much more fun. I got to learn equally from everyone else in the group as from Jassi Sir. Frankly, I just want to be a part of other trips because most of the people I met during the workshop would be there and also will get to interact with so many others.

Lastly, at times we get so serious about photography or seeing the world through our camera viewfinder that we actually tend to ignore the larger picture of having fun in a predominantly new environment. This thing does not happen here as the fun quotient and the interactive learning ensures that you develop a keen penchant for Photography and identifying your subjects through your naked eyes which then definitely reflects back the best through your photographs ! In a nutshell ! It is all ‘Balle Balle’ with Jassi Sir and the rest of the group ! Kudos !


Sonali Devnani (Hong Kong) – Vibrant Pushkar Nov. 2015


Sonali-1 Pushkar Testimonials

After having attended a number of workshops including the ones conducted by Magnum Photos I have to say this photography tour was very knowledgeable .. despite being a big group Jassi co-ordinated everything from the photography to the meals in the most perfect manner . I walked in knowing nobody who was attending it but i have to say i walked out making so many new friends and moreover memories .. there was never a dull moment at the tour .. be it 5 am shoots or late night gossip sessions … Jassi sir you indeed have so much patience to put up with all our queries and helped each of us individually dedicating a lot of time . the theory sessions were very helpful just shedding new light and reinstating all that we know about the basics of photography .. the fact that we were so many of us shooting, to see another person’s perspective on the same kind of subjects was learning in itself. Motivation from the others attending the tour was of great help as well … overall a fantastic experience .. and nevertheless the beginning of my tours at Xploring Light .. looking forward to the next one … Thank you Jassi sir for this opportunity … Eagerly waiting for march 2016.

Dr. Vimal Hemani (Rajkot) – Vibrant Pushkar Nov. 2015


Vimal Pushkar Testimonials

Being a doctor, I will express in my professional terms, Jassi is an infection that gets on your nerves in first meeting. After Ladakh trip for 16 days when I plotted graph of Pushkar trip, it started tingling-numbness in every inch of my nerves. My biochemistry went beyond limits. His photograph themselves speak thousand words in his favour but apart from photos I like his management skills like IV Taxim and Metrogyl care for a postoperative patient. During the Pushakr trip we implanted him in our SA node. My photography skills were like apparently asymptomatic until I met you. Jassi provides tips for photography workshops like step ladder fever it’s like palpable thrill which just cannot be cured by any drug. Without your guidance it was a complete heart block and cannot be recovered up even with DC shock. Without anaesthesia, you operate on my skills and shots you don’t even care when post-OP complication start.When you treat diseases, you win or lose. But, when you treat a person, you win no matter what the outcome. Likewise you have won all the hearts that come into the contact including mine.