Quintessential Bali FAQs

Quintessential Bali FAQs

How different are tours and photo tours? 

Unlike travel agents who plan your holiday based on what is hot in that season with almost no inclination to offer you what you would want to see, Photo Tours are innovative ways to experience a place through the guidance of a professional photographer. All of our photo tours are fun with loads of learning and knowledge sharing. Moreover, since the group consists of photography enthusiasts only it makes your experience your experience more focused and fun filled.

How will the weather be in Bali during the tour?

May is the end of the rainy season and the weather begins to get warm. The average temperature is usually around 28°C. However, do note that we can never quite predict weather with a certainty. 

Please carry some warm clothes for early morning sunrise shoots. It gets warm after sunrise, so do bring comfortable clothes, hat & sunscreen and drink loads of water. 

Am I required to be very fit for this tour?

Some of the locations for landscape photography will require climbing steep stairs and manoeuvring around slippery surfaces, so an average level of fitness will be required. Ofcourse, sturdy shoes will help. 

What equipment should I bring for this tour? 

Wide angle lenses like 10 – 22 or 16 – 35 are required to capture the beautiful landscapes & rice terraces of Bali. We always advise to carry a monopod / tripod to shoot spectacular low light, sunset scenes. A telephoto lenses like 70 – 200 or 100 – 400 is recommended for candid shots – street, local people and markets. For those comfortable shooting with a prime lens, it is recommended to bring a 35 mm / 50mm for portraits and low-light street photography.

Beginners can also bring their point & shoot or mobiles to capture the beauty of Bali. 

How many participants are expected to share a room?

All participants are accommodated in twin-sharing rooms. Single supplements are charged extra. Please enquire with us about your single supplement charges.

I am a rank beginner in photography / I only have a simple point and shoot camera. Can I be a part of this tour?

Oh yes very much! We always encourage travel enthusiasts, whether an experienced photographer or not, to attend organized photo tours. This is also a good tour for travellers keen on exploring various facets of Bali, engaging with locals and taking home some great memories, in the form of great photos & experiences.

How flexible is the itinerary?

There could be minimal changes made to the itinerary, depending on the local conditions and participant feedback. We are flexible, and always look forward to ensure that we make the most of our time in Bali.

What is the food scene in Bali?

Wherever possible we have organised for Indian food as part of the tour itinerary. There are a few places where we may not get Indian food. Those keen on exploring local food scene are encouraged to do so at your own cost.