Shoot and After Basic Photography Workshop

Shoot and After Basic Photography Workshop

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Kshitij-Bhaswar Shoot and After Basic Photography Workshop

Kshitij Bhaswar
ENLIGHTEN Studio Lighting and Fashion Photography Workshop
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Thank you Jassi sir, Rajneesh sir and Pooja ma’am for the wonderful session. The name suggests everything ‘Enlighten’. Had fun and learnt a lot from the workshop
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Aditi-Verma- Shoot and After Basic Photography Workshop

Aditi Verma
ENLIGHTEN Studio Lighting and Fashion Photography Workshop
★ ★ ★ ★★

This workshop allowed me to gain knowledge about the concepts of Studio Lighting with a deep understanding. Studio lighting can get very…
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Overview of the Workshop

You don’t take a photograph, you make it – Ansel Adams

We at Xploring Light understand the priceless statement by the legend Ansel Adams. Owning a camera makes you a camera owner but to become a photographer you need to understand the nuances of “Making an Image.”

Today photography has become an integral part of our life. The allure of photography is wonderful; to some it is the best possible stress buster. They get drawn to this magical field and “feel” connected to the peace within. To others, its become a part of their inner soul.

Whatever section you belong to, there is one common desire to improve this art of photography. Our workshops with their extremely unique content help you to understand this craft like never before. We believe that you have to learn the Art of SEEING before you even pick up your camera and our Workshop provides just that.

Through this SHOOT and AFTER workshop, you learn the complete Digital Photography Workflow; starting from SEEING, Composing, Shooting and Post Processing.


Why Xploring Light?

The fundamental idea behind Xploring Light was to open a new window of creativity so different individuals sharing a passion for photography could muster their skills and style together. They can be anyone – amateurs, professionals or any individual with a zeal and inclination towards photography.

If you wish to explore the world from a photographer’s point of view or aspire to grow & evolve as a professional photographer, feel free to join us for our next journey!


We offer –

A comprehensively planned content specifically designed to enhance your skill levels and help you become a better photographer.

Highly proactive environment with ample opportunities to learn your craft.

A team of the finest mentors from across India.


Who can join?

You can join if you:

are getting started in photography
have been shooting for some time but unable to break the jinx of mediocre images
feel you understand all the concepts of photography but struggle when in field


Topics and Schedule


The Art of SEEING – Pre Visualisation

The Art of understanding LIGHT – SEE, UNDERSTAND, CHASE and TAME LIGHT.

Photography Basics

Understanding your camera with camera controls

Focal Length and the x-factor

Different Modes and which one to chose

Exposure in detail – Learn how to nail exposure every time you take an image

Understanding Metering modes and histograms

Understand Depth of Field

Art of Composition

Elements of a good frame

Use of Lines and Curves

Tell a story with your images

Frame within Frame

General compositional guidelines

Rules and Exceptions

Post Processing

Importing Images

Adding tag words

Basic Post Processing guidelines using Adobe Photoshop

Levels and Curves

Concept of Layers and Masks

Saving for Print and Social Media

Guided Field Session

Image Review followed by FAQs



Day 1 (Saturday)

Start Time: 9.30 AM

End time: 5.30 PM

Theory session discussing above mentioned topics of photograph interspersed with practice sessions and breaks for lunch & tea.


Day 2 (Sunday)

Start Time: 6.00 AM

End Time: 3.00 PM

We assemble at an outdoor location early in the morning to make the best of early morning soft light and practice different aspects of photography learn on Day 1. This session will last for about couple of hours. We shall have breakfast and head for the main venue for Post Processing and Review. The workshop will end at 3 PM after lunch. Certificates will be distributed at the end of session.

Participation Fee:

Rs. 5500/-

Venue: Future Forward, New Delhi

Date: 1st to 2nd Sep, 2018

Time Day 1: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Day 2: 6 AM to 3 PM

jassi Shoot and After Basic Photography Workshop

Your Workshop Mentor

Jassi Oberai


Terms & Conditions 

– GST @18% is included in the price

– We have limited seats so registration will be strictly on first come first serve basis

– Travel to and back from venue is on participants’ cost and we will not be making any arrangements for the same

– Registration against money transfer only

– No Cancellation. No money will be refunded if a participant cancels his/her participation.

– We need min 4 people to execute this workshop. In case of less participation, we may decide to cancel or postpone this workshop at a later date.

– In case of postponement/cancellation from our side, we will either make full refund or will adjust the amount against future workshops / Photo Tours.

– We will not refund any travel and/or stay arrangements if any made by a participant to attend this workshop.

– Tax Component (if the same has already been deposited by Xploring Light) will not be refunded in any scenario.

– All refunds will be processed within 7-10 business days.


Workshop Fee includes:

  • Classroom and Field Session under the expert guidance of Photo Mentor – Jassi Oberai.
  • Tea on both days

Workshop Fee excludes:

  • Meals
  • Camera rental charges if any


– What is the suggested equipment for this workshop?

Your DSLR camera and kit lens or a prosumer point-and-shoot camera. A fully charged camera battery and a memory card with sufficient space for a day’s shooting.Your camera manual, if possible

What are the pre requisites for this tour?

Just a passion for good photography and 16 years of age.

I am a rank beginner in photography / I only have a simple point and shoot camera. Can I be a part of this tour?

Oh yes very much! Just to point out that some of the topics covered in the workshop may not be very useful to you if your camera does not support Manual mode.

How many participants are expected to attend this workshop?

It will be small group to maximize learning and the group size will not go beyond 15.