Workshop Testimonials

Workshop Testimonials

Sahib Singh (Faridabad) – Enlighten Workshop on Fashion Photography with Godox


Sahib-Singh Workshop Testimonials

I really appreciate mentors of the workshop they are very nice, full of knowledge. The way they conducted the workshop was more than amazing. I don’t have words to praise them, I enjoyed the workshop moreover I gathered so much of knowledge regarding lights which I was not aware of. Thanks to all of you who put lots of efforts for conducting this amazing workshop.

Jay (Jaipur) – Enlighten Workshop on Fashion Photography with Godox


Jay Workshop Testimonials

I love the way Raj sir and Jassi sir teaches photography in a simple and it helped me a lot.
I haven’t learn photography from someone and it was my first workshop so thank you so much Raj sir and Jassi sir for making it worth coming from Jaipur to Gurgaon just for the workshop

Surbhi Sharma (New Delhi) – Enlighten Workshop on Fashion Photography with Godox


Surbhi-Sharma Workshop Testimonials

Great experience in the Enlighten Beauty Photography Workshop. This boost up my studio lighting knowledge plus how to take creative shots in beauty photography. I practiced all these things together & it took my photography to another level.

Thank You Rajneesh Sir for the guidance

Puneet Kaur (New Delhi) – Long exposure Landscape Photography Workshop (May 2018)


Puneet-Kaur Workshop Testimonials

At the cost of sounding cliche, I’d say the workshop on landscape photography was very enriching. There was so much that I wasn’t aware of, moreover the workshop made me get over my reluctance to experiment with landscape. Simple, yet lively is the vibe in the way Sir conducts every class. It is always fulfilling and inspires me to keep going..

Tarun Sachdeva (New Delhi) – Long exposure Landscape Photography Workshop (May 2018)


Tarun Workshop Testimonials

This was my first workshop with Jassi. He is a real master at his game, he has thorough knowledge of his subject and goes out of way to answer all the questions patiently. Not only the minor details he also covers all the aspects of photography in his workshop. Highly recommended for beginners as well as advanced level photographers.

Bhaskar Choudhury (New Delhi) – Long exposure Landscape Photography Workshop (May 2018)


Was part of the excellent workshop on long exposure workshop – provided details which comes only with years of experience, from basics to equipment. Very knowledgeable, in-depth and helpful.

Ashok Agnihotri (New Delhi) – Long exposure Landscape Photography Workshop (May 2018)


Ashok-Agnihotri Workshop Testimonials

I found the workshop very helpful and enriching. Came to know about different aspects of ND filters and photography. One thing I like most that Jassi sir guides/teaches on the basis of his experience. He shares all the pros and cons of  brands he used and I like it most. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude.

Sourabh Dhawan (New Delhi) – Long exposure Landscape Photography Workshop (May 2018)


Sourabh-Dhawan Workshop Testimonials

Not only the session on long exposure photography using ND filters by Mr. Jassi Oberai was highly informative, it had enough details about the use, precautions, tips and inherent gaps one has to face while using ND filters.

Mentor was patient enough to extend the workshop out of the classroom and demonstrated practically the challenges of capturing a landscape where exposure was varying and mitigating the challenges by using combinations of CPL, ND and GND filters.

Hope I would be able to polish my hobby further with Xploring Light.

Sutapa Pal (Noida): ENLIGHTEN Fashion Photography Workshop by Godox (April 2018)


Sutapa-Pal Workshop Testimonials

The workshop was amazing as it gave an insight to various aspect of outdoor fashion photography in harsh sunlight using strobe. Our mentors Rajneesh and Jassi sir explained in detail about the poses, use of lights, camera settings, angles to take world class image of the model. Also explained the various color tones of a model and how to use lights keeping that in mind. It was an amazing workshop and had increased my knowledge about various aspect of photography.
Thank you Rajneesh and Jassi sir…
Bharat Tiwari (New Delhi): Long Exposure Landscape Photography (5 star)
After attending the workshop, I am able to visualise photographing mundane subjects and scenes in entirely different way. It was a nice workshop, and I intend to attend many more, for enhancing my skills.

Sutapa Pal (Noida): ENLIGHTEN Fashion Photography Workshop by Godox (April 2018)


Sutapa-Pal Workshop Testimonials

The workshop was amazing as it gave an insight to various aspect of outdoor fashion photography in harsh sunlight using strobe. Our mentors Rajneesh and Jassi sir explained in detail about the poses, use of lights, camera settings, angles to take world class image of the model. Also explained the various color tones of a model and how to use lights keeping that in mind. It was an amazing workshop and had increased my knowledge about various aspect of photography.
Thank you Rajneesh and Jassi sir…
Bharat Tiwari (New Delhi): Long Exposure Landscape Photography (5 star)
After attending the workshop, I am able to visualise photographing mundane subjects and scenes in entirely different way. It was a nice workshop, and I intend to attend many more, for enhancing my skills.

Pranav Kukreti (New Delhi): Long Exposure Landscape Photography (April 2018)


Pranav Workshop Testimonials

This was my first experience with Mr. Jassi Oberai, who I already maintained an admiration for due to his work in the field of photography education and organising, practical, short duration workshops that suit working amateurs as well as advance level photographers wishing to hone new skills in niche areas.
Jassi is an empathetic communicator with good knowledge of his subject that he generously shares with his students. I enjoyed learning about the filter system and other essential equipment that he shared with us in the workshop.
Shall surely look forward to a long term association with him.

Pankaj Yadav (Gurgaon): ENLIGHTEN Fashion Photography Workshop with Godoxp (April 2018)


Pankaj-Yadav-1 Workshop Testimonials

The workshop conducted by Jassi Oberai and Rajneesh Panwar was a wonderful experience and shattered many myths about shooting in harsh sunlight. The day long experience was very enriching and the mentoring was excellent along with the demo shoot and personal shooting of the model by the participants. The knowledge of the Godox strobe was eye-opening as to the many ways the equipment can be used. Looking forward to many more workshops.

Vishal Verma (New Delhi): Long Exposure Landscape Workshop (April 2018)


Vishal-Verma- Workshop Testimonials

This one-of-a-kind workshop taught how to make stunning dramatic images using long-exposures.
I always thought how these images are taken. Because of this workshop by Jassi Sir, now I understand and understand in a very easy way.
Thanks to Jassi Sir, the workshop helps to understand uses of ND and GND filters.
A big thanks to Jassi Sir.

Rahul Kapoor (New Delhi): Long Exposure Landscape Photography (April 2018)


Thank you Jassi sir…Your knowledge is THE BEST. I have attended so many workshops but you are Awesome. Thank you, Sir. And the way you impart knowledge is remarkable. So far so good. I am looking forward to attending your workshops in near future.


P K Budhiraja (New Delhi): Long Exposure Landscape Workshop (April 2018)


P-K-Budhiraja Workshop Testimonials

Intricacies to create breath taking images with ND filters were explained by Jassi Oberai with such an ease that can happen only when one has got deep knowledge over the subject. Hats Off to Jassi ji. Will like to attend similar workshops and join exclusive Photo Tours led by Jassi.

W V K Krishna Shankar (New Delhi): Long Exposure Landscape Workshop (April 2018)


Krishna-Shankar Workshop Testimonials

Jassi Oberai was full of passion in explaining minutely the art of long exposure photography as well as the gear needed to practice this art. Several examples were shared with participants. What was impressive was his demonstration of equipment set up both in the class room as well as outdoor so that participants could have a clear understanding. I came away wiser. Thank you Jassi.

Chhaya Soni (Jaipur) – Shoot and After Workshop (February 2018)


Chhaya-Soni Workshop Testimonials

Jassi sir you are not only a photographer but also a teacher. That title is pretty high in my book. Many people try to be teachers, and even some get paid to do it, but it isn’t an easy task. Not all artists can explain the why’s and how’s of their work. You are incredibly informative, organized, and engaging. You appealed to various types of learners with images, an intelligent lecture, and hands-on experience photographing models. There really wasn’t an area you wasn’t knowledgeable about or a question you couldn’t answer. And to top it off, you’re incredibly down to earth and very likable.
Sir you are a inspiration and I have been following you for a long time. It was an honor to meet you and attend your workshop ! It’s amazing how you think outside of the box pushes me in my photography to go further and try new things.
I really loved attending your workshop, Thank you for sharing your knowledge sir 🙂
Much love.

Rohitt Sekaar (Bangalore) – Mastering the Art of Black and White Photography


Rohitt-sekaar Workshop Testimonials

Ever since my interest in Photography, I have always been drawn more towards Black & White images. I am excited by the story, the mystery, the drama, the emotion & the feelings they generate. So, I was curious as to how these images were created in today’s digital media. I have been part of the Xploring Light family for a few years now and when I heard about their Black & White workshop, I jumped on the opportunity. I was lucky to have a one on one workshop with the master himself, Rajneesh Panwar.
The workshop was a good balance between theory, field practice & post processing. He covered everything from the history, visualization, camera settings, the tonal range to advanced techniques in post processing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and of course learned a lot.

The workshop really changed the way I visualize, compose, shoot & process my images, by leaps & bounds. A must for all those interested to know the secrets behind  Black & White Photography.

P. D. Singh (New Delhi) – Long Exposure Photography Workshop, Jul 2017


PD-Singh Workshop Testimonials

The workshop was very helpful & clarified many doubts. The information on use of ND & GND filters was especially very enlightening.

P. D. Singh (New Delhi) – Mastering the Art of black and White Photography, Sept 2016


PD-Singh Workshop Testimonials

It was indeed a pleasant experience attending the two day workshop on the Art of Black and white Photography. The workshop was a good blend of class room theory and a short trip in the field to Jantar Mantar monument. The second day was exclusively devoted to post processing in Photoshop. A very good introduction & beginning in the Art of Black and white Photography. I look forward to developing my photographic skills.

Piyush Sachdeva (Agra) – Fine Art Architecture Photography Workshop, Agra


Piyush-Sachdeva Workshop Testimonials

First of all I would like to thanks from all members of Photographer Club of Agra to Xploring Light Jassi sir and Rajneesh sir for coming from Delhi and giving their precious time to us. It was my first time to attend their wonderful workshop.

I myself was so much inspired from every words which has been spoken from masters, truely an eye-opener which had added loads of information, guidance, advice along with lots of humor and on field practical demonstrations which i loved a lot.
Once again thanks a lot for coming here and looking forward for me.

Md. Asif (Agra) – Fine Art Architecture Photography Workshop, Agra


Md-Asif Workshop Testimonials

It was a great experience to had a workshop with two legendaries named Mr. Rajneesh Panwar sir and Mr.Jassi Oberai sir . They really changed our perspective to see the arches and buildings. They gave us an art to find out many geometrical shapes from an architectural building.
I extend my hearty thanks to Xploring Light and my Photographers Club of Agra family for giving such opportunities to us.

Ishan Mulani (Agra) – Fine Art Architecture Photography Workshop, Agra


Ishan-Mulani Workshop Testimonials

I cant even put into words just how absolutely amazing workshop it was.
We learned many things . The basics knowledge about photography, how to choose the frame,
and the main thing don’t use your camera as a machine gun first observe the scenario and then do the framing in your mind then click it.
Thank you LightChaser Academy Jassi Sir and Rajneesh Sir and whole family of Photographers Club of Agra.
I would like to extend my heartful thanks to Photographers club of Agra and XploringLight for giving this opportunity.

Kuldip Chaudhary (Agra) – Fine Art Architecture Photography Workshop, Agra


Kuldip Workshop Testimonials

It was not just a workshop for me, I learnt a lot from our photography legends, Jassi sir and Rajneesh sir taught us how to observe things around us and click it after u got answer from your soul, what you are clicking and why you are clicking it. They both are really great personality, they gave their full efforts to us for teaching us. I wish to meet them very soon.
I would like to extend my heartful thanks to Photographers club of Agra and XploringLight for giving this opportunity.

Prashant Kumar (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass, Nov. 2016


Prashant-Kumar Workshop Testimonials

It was my first Portrait Masterclass since I started Photography. Before coming to this class I had so many questions in my mind that I was confused what to ask and I am very much thankful to Mr Jassi Oberai who not even covered every aspect of Portrait but also listened and answered our questions very patiently..
Thanks to Xploring Light I am now looking forward for more workshops.

Supreet Sachdeva (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass Nov. 2016


Supreet-Sachdeva Workshop Testimonials

I was waiting for this workshop since long, so I participated immediately when it was live.

Since I started practicing art of photography I have been experimenting different genres, and portrait photography is something I regularly intend to do and practice. I really like the seamless way Jassi ji imparts lessons and shares his on field vision. He is someone who despite being a senior and best in the business / art does not look down upon participant’s off topic queries, but takes care of everyone tenderly in his own graceful way. Thank you for helping me, inspiring me  and motivating me always to become better at art of photography. I look forward to join photo tours led by him and his team in coming years. It was an amazing experience as always. The workshop was – Insightful Inspiring Informative Enlightening

Xploring Light – 5 stars is a must!

Rupesh Anand (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass Jul 2016


Rupesh Workshop Testimonials

The workshop on Portrait Photography was very helpful for both amateurs and professionals, points were discussed in detail. Mr. Jassi left no stone unturned in explaining all the techniques and answering any questions or doubts related to Portrait Photography. I must say that his guidelines will help us in reaching next level in Portrait Photography. Thanks Xploring Light and Mr.Jassi for giving chance to have great learning experience.

Rashmi Rai (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass May 2016


Rashmi-Rai Workshop Testimonials

Very informative presentation with examples of photographs and situation in which each picture was clicked. Knowing the why of taking the portraits was well explained.

Deepa Ahuja (New Delhi) – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Workshop June 2016


Deepa-Ahuja- Workshop Testimonials

The workshop was very comprehensive and detailed. It was suited for beginners as well as people who had prior knowledge of the subject. Jassi was very helpful in explaining all the techniques and clearing any doubts. Above all it was a very hands on workshop where we could try out ourselves the techniques being taught.

Rohith Patil (Bangalore) – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Workshop June 2016


Rohith-Patil Workshop Testimonials

This is my second learning experience with Jassi. I was earlier part of his Ladakh Photo tour in 2015, and that is how I became part of the Xploring Light family. Ever since the tour, I have been following the Photo tours & workshops organized by them very closely. So, when they announced the workshop on Lightroom I just had to attend it. Even though I am from Bangalore and I had to travel to Delhi for the workshop, I knew it was going to be totally worth it, as Jassi was personally conducting the workshop. It’s not like there are no such workshops in Bangalore, of course, there are plenty. But, the Xploring Light are different. Jassi helped us  :
1.  In complete understanding of the software
2.  It’s limitations and other supporting software that can be used to overcome these limitations.
3.  Understand the difference in processing & manipulation
4.  To process the photographs in a systematic professional manner
5.  With Tricks & tips to fasten the entire process
I must say that this workshop has helped me process my pictures better and take them to the next level. This workshop is a must for all amateurs and beginners.

Abhishek Dhakate (Nagpur) – ENLIGHTEN Studio Lighting and Fashion Photography Workshop June 2016


Abhishek-Dhakate- Workshop Testimonials

Two strobes. 45 degree angle with the subject. Just ‘adjust’ the Exposure and ‘CLICK’.
This is what I knew about indoor shoots till now. I had not done much of either of Fashion or Beauty shoots however was really keen on learning much more about it. This is one of the workshops that had a rare combination of Excellent mentors with technical knowledge and an artistic vision along with their genuine efforts to deliver the best to the participants. This workshop has helped me to break my own thought barriers and has indeed helped me a lot to learn about the genres of Fashion, Glamour and Beauty. Great job by the mentors and indeed this is another gem of a workshop by Xploring Light and PR Fusion Studio.

Subhabrata Das (New Delhi) – ENLIGHTEN Studio Lighting and Fashion Photography Workshop June 2016


Subhabrata-Das- Workshop Testimonials

I like the way how the mentors approached the subject and got us involved in it. They inspired us through the most interesting way possible. It was a complete workshop and sometimes they even went ahead in explaining things that I thought were not part of this workshop.
They were friendly, warm and receptive. I would recommend this workshop highly to everyone.

C. R. Mahesh (New Delhi) – ENLIGHTEN Studio Lighting and Fashion Photography Workshop June 2016


C.-R.-Mahesh Workshop Testimonials

What a day it was, changed my perception about fashion photography.
Over all arrangements were very good. Lot of efforts were taken to make me understand the concept by the entire team.
Good course content. Kudos and big thanks to the team.
Jassi Jee, Rajneesh and Pooja, thanks once again for the enlightenment.

Shinu John (New Delhi) – ENLIGHTEN Studio Lighting and Fashion Photography Workshop June 2016


Shinu-John-1 Workshop Testimonials

Truly an eye opening session which actually adds to our knowledge base..and that too truckloads of info. Ms.Pooja,Mr.Jassi  and Mr Rajneesh are what I would say, very superbly versed in the workshop.

This was my first workshop with them and I honestly believe this has been a very good decision.
Proper guidance , sound n timely advice, hands on experience with self demonstration and lots of fun…

Thank you sir. Looking forward to more

Aditi Verma (New Delhi) – ENLIGHTEN Studio Lighting and Fashion Photography Workshop June 2016


Aditi-Verma- Workshop Testimonials

This workshop allowed me to gain knowledge about the concepts of Studio Lighting with a deep understanding. Studio lighting can get very daunting to understand if the basics are not cleared. It was enlightening to attend this workshop.

Kshitij Bhaswar (New Delhi) – ENLIGHTEN Studio Lighting and Fashion Photography Workshop June 2016


Kshitij-Bhaswar Workshop Testimonials

Thank you Jassi sir, Rajneesh sir and Pooja ma’am for the wonderful session. The name suggests everything ‘Enlighten’. Had fun and learnt a lot from the workshop.
Such types of workshop give us the confidence to do a lot in the field of photography. Really the best workshop of all. I also attended the Nikon fashion workshop but this was beyond all the workshops as there was nothing to be hidden from the Masters.

Tarunima Sen (New Delhi) – Mastering the art of Black and White Photography 2016


Tarunima-Sen Workshop Testimonials

The weekend spent with the Xploring Light was the most intriguing and informative. Not only did I get to enhance my skills but also learn ample from the more than willing and helpful mentors. As someone, who is constantly reaching out and trying to learn from every possible sphere, I feel this decision of mine will take me a long way.

I would recommend this for anyone who is interested in BW photography and for those who want to explore the world of processing.

Thank you so much. Looking forward to more workshop with the Team.

Nafisa Shakir Batta (New Delhi) – Mastering the art of Black and White Photography 2016


Nafisa-Shakir-Batta- Workshop Testimonials

This workshop is amazing. Its a mix of two hardworking professionals illuminating others with their talent and vision.

Post processing is overwhelming, and heavily informative, for a newbie like me, and yet simplified and comprehensive. I think its a must do. Had recently attended the Portrait masterclass, which was so insightful, compelling me to register for this one. Jasminder Oberoi and Rajneesh Panwar, keep spreading the light.

Kopal Goel (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass 2016


Kopal-Goel Workshop Testimonials

It was a very good learning experience for me as a budding photographer. Sir, not only taught us how to keep the technicalities in mind but also how to deal with situations at hand. How to capture the soul and not the face.! I didn’t realise how 4 hours went by. And after the workshop, I felt l had utilised my day in the best way.
He taught us about portraits along with travel portraits, which was a plus for me as I want to be a travel photographer. I couldn’t be happier with the workshop as its not always about the technicalities and I don’t think anyone else would’ve taught me what Jassi sir did.cleardot Workshop Testimonials

Yogesh Gupta (Faridabad) – Mastering the art of Black and White Photography 2016


Yogesh-Gupta Workshop Testimonials

I was not serious in photography , I took it as a hobby because I love to travel so the thought was whenever I travel got some good pictures for memories. In January 2016 it was my first association with LCA for a photo tour in Leh. Again the thought was to explore Leh in winter. But I learnt a lot about photography in that tour and then I became bit serious about photography. I had 2 workshops with LCA  on post processing and both were amazing. When I saw a workshop on black and white photography initially my thought was its just about converting colour picture into B&W. But it was not. It is a must attend workshop for anyone who is bit serious for photography. The way LCA mentor (Mr. Jassi and Mr. Rajneesh) conduct this workshop is just amazing. They prove  their own statement right that “Google is a library and  LCA is a institution”.  You even can learn a lot with being a part of LCA group and take their reviews on every picture. The best place, best people and best environment to learn photography. My association with LCA will continue in future as well. Thanks a lot LCA for making me a part of this beautiful group.
cleardot Workshop Testimonials

Sanjay Singh(New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass April 2016 


Sanjay-Singh Workshop Testimonials

It was indeed an honour for me and a great learning experience to know the nuances of portrait photography during your masterclass!
Looking forward to continued engagement with LCA and clicking some good portraits myself during this journey!
I would also be very eager to join the photo journeys organised by you so that I get further opportunities to learn.
cleardot Workshop Testimonials

Rahul Chaudhary (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass April 2016 


Rahul-Chaudhry Workshop Testimonials

I went for the Portrait Photography Master class conducted by Mr. Jassi Oberai with the hopes of learning something new about portraits and at the end of the workshop i was amazed to see that not only i learned about portraits but a lot of other aspects too. I got to know about the mistakes i’ve been making and i was lucky to share my pics with sir. I am glad i went for the workshop and got the opportunity to meet such a good Photographer, Mentor and a helpful person!

Mathew Joseph (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass Feb 2016


Mathew-Joseph Workshop Testimonials

Attended the Portrait Photography Masterclass earlier this month, and I must say I am extremely impressed with pedagogy that went beyond just technical aspects. I am a novice when it comes to portraiture, but the session has instilled in me the confidence to go ahead and create portraits. The lively discussions, personal examples quoted, and the exhibits were truly intended to kickstart an interest in the genre, which it successfully did. Thanks Jassi for this wonderful initiation into this soulful art form.

Puneet Kaur (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass April 2016


Puneet-Kaur-1 Workshop Testimonials

For an amateur who’s been practicing photography, portrait was one genre which I found intriguing as I’d never clicked people. It was always overwhelming looking at portraits clicked by photographers including Jassi Sirs’. How a face or people’s expression convey emotions and a connection made, I wondered. Having attended quite a few workshops conducted by sir earlier, I went ahead with the belief that this too would be another enriching experience. The workshop was very interesting and interactive. Sir is always open to discussions and wouldn’t hesitate to clarify endless doubts. I believe that for him satisfying the learning of every student is as important as it is for us or perhaps more. And it doesn’t end there. He’s happy to see when his students are progressing and continues to mentor us through a common group created for the students of Xploring Light Academy. All students from various walks of life get a platform to share their work and get valuable feedback. I’m fortunate that like many others I was mentored by him. I’am sure many others who’ll pursue a course or workshop here, will be equally happy and satisfied. Wishing sir and the entire team at Xploring Light & Future Forward, much success always.

Navin Thakur (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass April 2016 



I thank my colleague Subrata Behera for introducing me to your mastery. The workshop on Portrait Photography in Delhi was an eye opener for me and a realisation of how little did I know about the Photography. Thanks for being patient with my constant nagging and explaining everything till I was satisfied. That masterclass has given me the confidence of taking next steps in the direction of becoming a true image maker. I couldn’t recommend your workshops more to anyone. Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise, insights and experience with us. I feel truly blessed after attending your Masterclass.

Subrata K Behera (Gurgaon) – Portrait Photography Masterclass April 2016


Subrata Workshop Testimonials

Benefited a lot from the “Portrait Photography Masterclass” and I am more confident now to take the challenge of portrait photography, especially the travel and environmental portraits. The aesthetic part of portrait photography was little known to me. The legal aspect the portrait photography was new to me. Thanks Jassi and team for this. Hope to join some future workshops as well.

Vimal Kumar (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass (Delhi March 2016)


Vimal-Kumar Workshop Testimonials

Thanks a lot for arranging such a wonderful and inspiring class for photo enthusiast like me. It was indeed a pleasure and eye-opening workshop for me regarding Portrait. Your class changed my perception regarding most of the key elements in Portrait Photography and I wish to practice them again and again in future.
Earlier I used to take shots of people without creating a story, indulging in creating bokeh instead of expression or emotions in my photographs. The workshop was overall interactive and I learned a lot from you and many others. It always feels good when same interest people meet and discuss their passion on a healthy platform.
In future, I would further love to connect with you and many others to learn and explore many possibilities in this field.

Anurag Gupta (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass (Delhi March 2016) 


Anurag-Gupta-1 Workshop Testimonials

Awesome insights explained in a very succinct and easy manner. You come out of the workshop definitely richer ! Eye-opener workshop. Got clarity on many points. Thank you… 🙂

Madhuri Roy (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass (Delhi March 2016)


Madhuri-Roy-1 Workshop Testimonials

Eye-opener workshop. Got clarity on many points. A must-do workshop for Photography-Lovers. Now I am a regular student of Xploring Light Gurus.
Thank you for being there and guiding us.

Yogesh Gupta (Faridabad) – Post Processing Beyond Basics Workshop (New Delhi Feb 2016)


Yogesh-1 Workshop Testimonials

First of all I’m thankful to get Rajneesh as a mentor.
It was great pleasure again to be a part of Xploring Light Academy course.  You both are the master of photography art either behind the camera or in front of the monitor 🙂
First it looked very complicated to understand the beyond basic post processing, but the way Rajneesh took all the subjects and procedure was fantastic. People take months to understand these technicalities about post processing, but the way Rajneesh summed it up in 2 days is really commendable.
I whole heartedly recommend your academy to anyone who has a bit of interest in photography and serious about photography too.
It was again a very good learning experience with your academy.

Looking forward for another association with you in future.

Ashish Sinha (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Masterclass (New Delhi Dec. 2015)


Ashish-sinha-1 Workshop Testimonials

As I started my first class with you and following you before that class. I really want to thank you for superb teaching and sharing skill. Learning never end and if you our mentor I always happy to learn from you. I try to come in your class but as my busy schedule I just saw your FB post and try to learn from there. Keep it up and as I’m instructor so I learn lots of skill from you. Thanks for nice workshop.

Rajoo Naik (After Go Goa – workshop on fashion photography)


Rajoo-Naik-1 Workshop Testimonials

Best Part about this workshop was “people”. From models to facilitator to participants to organisers and mentors – all were genuine people. Kudos to Xploring Light for making this workshop such a fun-filled chilled out learning experience.

Jasvinder Singh (after our Basics of Photography Workshop)


Jasvinder-singh Workshop Testimonials

It’s our pleasure to get assosiated with you for some photgraphy lessons. Ever since I have attended work shop conducted by Xploring Light at Canon Image Lounge for learning the basics for photography , the entire idea about using the camera, lenses and infact looking at subjects has totally changed. Your guiding skiil are too good for any body to understand techniqes and impliment them, your humble nature and professional attitude not only makes the classroom atmosphere friendly but your sharp interacting skills holds the attentions of every student in the entire session or workshop. We feel fortunate to have attended your workshop and also feel that for any photography enthusiast you could be the best mentor.

Bhartendu Mihir on the Hasselblad Workshop with Eolo Perfido



It was a very informative, interesting and well organised workshop. It certainly helped to get better insight into different photography techniques and understand the working of a professional photographer.Looking for more from Xploring Light and Hasselblad.

Vishal Gulati on the Hasselblad Workshop with Eolo Perfido


Vishal-1 Workshop Testimonials

To see the maestro “Eolo” and to listen directly up close was very specoal and I got extremely impressed with his vast knowledge about the subject in all aspects – his photography as well as the post production skills. Jassi is the best mentor and always inspiring. Thank you so much for being so humble and an inspirational figure. Would love to attend more workshops organised by Xploring Light and Hasselblad!

Dr. Shikhar Kaushal on the Hasselblad Workshop with Eolo Perfido


Shikhar-1 Workshop Testimonials

Handling a Hasselblad was a dream come true. Thanks for providing us the great opportunity. The use of LED lights was something even more interesting. And last but not the least Eolo, had not only great knowledge of & love for photography, he thoroughly enjoyed teaching and answering our questions. Freely sharing one’s hard earned knowledge shows one’s large heartedness and stature as a person. Thanks Xploring Light for another great learning experience.

Kapil R. Singh on After the Shot Workshop



I have been in various workshops and photo tours with Jassi and each interaction has been quite knowledge enhancing. Jassi is an ace photographer with in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of photography which is underpinned by his terrific training skills. The workshop conducted on post processing was of immense help – it had something in store for all the participants, be it people who are new to photography to professional photographers too. The content was highly relevant and interactive and kept the participants engaged for all 2 days. The session was not about theoretical fundamentals, but included hands on application for the techniques. I am sure that the session would have helped all the participants in enhancing their skills manifold. 5 Stars to Jassi and Xploring Light for a terrific workshop.

Neelu Bhatt, Bangalore


Neelu-1 Workshop Testimonials

More than I expected. Helps to be taken to the right spot, at the right time, with the right light. Impressed by the generosity and openness of the mentors in sharing “the secrets” – no holding back. Sincere, genuine effort to see the participants take back more.

Rajneesh Panwar, Participants India Kliks


Rajneesh-1 Workshop Testimonials

Thanks a lot India Kliks, Xploring Light, Canon India for conducting such a wonderful symposium.

I really thank all the great mentors who shared their wonderful knowledge and experience. Really learnt a lot

Vinay Swaroop Balla, Participants India Kliks


Vinay-Swaroop Workshop Testimonials

“WOW” That was 3 days of inspiring lectures, showcase of mind blowing works, fun with a photo walk, all these by world class mentors at one place is just a Jackpot for us. I Thank all the great mentors for their sincere sharing of knowledge, experiences and journeys for all these years. It was truly a blessing to meet u all at one place. My sincere Thanks to the most humble person i have met, Chairman India Kliks Mr Kirat Sodhi for initiating such a strong platform and for all his efforts in making this event a grand success. Not to forget, Mr Jassi Oberoi, Mr Pankaj Anand, Mr Saurabh Tuteja for their great contributions till the end. Secondly, I would like to Thank all the volunteers who really helped each one of the participant during the entire event. Lastly, I also would to Thank all the wonderful participants for their good friendship and time in sharing their inspiring journeys in Photography. Hope to stay connected with u all. I wish Team India Kliks a very very great future ahead. There is no other photography platform comparable to this.

Most importantly, I wish Canon India, Sponsor India Kliks 2013 a great success For the future and hope to see their uncompromising support for the photographers and events like India Kliks in the future. Those who missed this event, Trust me, You really missed it.

Ankit Sharma, Participants India Kliks


Ankit-1 Workshop Testimonials

3 exciting days of knowledge sharing sessions! The last day marked a befitting end to the great symposium organized by India Kliks in association with Canon and Adobe. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event. Really appreciate all the hard work put in by Mr. Kirat Sodhi (Chairman, India Kliks), Jasminder Oberoi, Mr. Pankaj Anand and Mr. Saurabh Tand not to forget the volunteers without whose efforts this would not have been a success. It is indeed a wonderful platform and the learning experience in these last 3 days was great. The selection of mentors across different genres was brilliant and actually helped to make it more beneficial for the participants. Thanks to all the mentors for taking time out and for sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. And, also, thanks to the wonderful participants for sharing their works, stories and also, for having great interactive sessions. A very big thanks to Canon and Adobe for great workshops and for making such events possible with their continuous support. I would like to congratulate you all on the success of India Kliks 2013-24 and hope that many more events like this would follow. GOD Bless… Stay Blessed.

Abhishek Dhakate After the Shot – Nagpur


Abhishek-2-1 Workshop Testimonials

I wish they had some more stars to rate it…. Jokes apart, it was only a few months back one of my Photographer friend suggested me to attend a post processing workshop. Being an amateur I barely had any idea about photography and this friend of mine suggesting me to attend a workshop on post processing seemed like a joke to me. However I decided to go for it. I had been following Jasminder Oberoi (this is the first n last time I am writing the full name cause I fondly call him Jasssiiii Sir and yes he doesn’t mind) on Facebook. I had also been following his Page JAS Fotography on Fb too.. I was in love with his work. I was so excited to meet him that I went along to receive him on the Airport and there walked out a Sardarji with a Pagdi and just a handbag. Greeted us and we had a great convo during our travel. I was like is he really a photographer and really is this person going to take our Workshop. To be frank I have come across Photographers who click less and show more.. Workshop started and it was fun…. 2 days just passed by. That day was a day and today. My photography skills have not only improved but it has reached to a new level. People have started noticing my work and appreciating it too. I do Portfolios, landscapes and potraits. Even now Jassi sir is always there to guide. and the best part is he tells straight away if the Picture is good or bad. If it is good he will appreciate it and if it needs improvement he will help me out let that be any time of the day…. Blessed to have you as my mentor Jassi sir. A humble and down to earth person is what Jassi sir is. And for others sorry for writing it so long but like they say “Words cant describe Legends…” but still it was my humble effort to express my feelings for Jasminder Oberoi and his firm Xploring Light

Uday Patni The Art & Physics of Photography – Nagpur


Uday-Patni Workshop Testimonials

Amazing experience – Got acquainted to some really cool principles of photography after attending a single Workshop. My personal fav was taking ‘hyper focal distance’ chapter – it was amazing.

Jasleen Singh Virdi India Kliks


Jasleen-1 Workshop Testimonials

First of all, Special Thanks to Mr. Jasminder Oberai (Spearhead of “Xploring Light” and The man behind the great venture of sharing knowledge to all youngsters) for their pro-activeness and provided the valuable information about programs time to time whether its day early or late night a day. That was the 1st time, I got the opportunity to attend the Photography Symposium / Exhibition by IndiaKliks and met with very famous personalities ( Sudhir Shivaram, Jasminder Oberai, Anamitra Chakladar, Ashima Narain, Enjo Mathew, Neeta Shankar, Ravi Dhingra + Sanjay Nanda…) those are into the field of photography from decades. Learnt a lot in just three days of sessions . Additionally XploringLight + Canon + IndiaKliks + Expert Mentors + Participants: Discussions / Thoughts / Queries, helped me a lot. Wishing good luck to every buddy those are a part of those ventures. Special Thanks to IndiaKliks Core Team: Mr. Kirat Sodhi, Jasminder Oberai, Pankaj Anand, Saurabh Tuteja and all sponsors.

Gaurav Goyal


Gaurav-Goyal Workshop Testimonials

I have attended a lot of phototours and workshops with Jassi and team and those were some of the most fun days I have ever had. One absorbs a lot of knowledge and new techniques naturally without it ever feeling tedious. There are ample opportunities to observe, practice and just have fun overall and you come back and be surprised at the improvement in quality of pictures you yourself took over the tour.

Abhinav Gupta


abhinav Workshop Testimonials

I’ve attended 4 workshops conducted by Jasminder Oberoi on behalf of Xploring Light. I dont really have words to describe the extent of knowledge I gathered. Jasminder sir has always been my inspiration since from the time I started Photography. He is such a down to earth person and is always approachable for any kind of doubts. The teaching manner, the vigor with which the workshops are conducted is immense. I asked sir if he could conduct his workshops in Nagpur as his workshops in Delhi and Mumbai are not feasible for most of the people here, and after 2 workshops everyone has learnt so much that they want sir to conduct more of such amazing workshops. I would like to wish Xploring Light all the luck and hope it reaches to levels no other Photography firm has reached.

Jayashrita Debnath – Workshop at IIT, Kanpur



A very interesting and interactive workshop. Great tips given during the indoor as well as outdoor session. Nicely explained concepts through examples. Thanks for being there.

Praneet Vayalali – Workshop at IIT, Kanpur



Its was a nice learning experience. Learnt a lot of new stuff. Thank you for coming.

Ambar Pakhira – Workshop at IIT, Kanpur



I really enjoyed the your workshop yesterday at IIT Kanpur. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips. Hope I can follow those tips and become a better photographer.

Puneet Kaur (New Delhi) – India Kliks 2013


Puneet-Kaur-1 Workshop Testimonials

I came across this workshop & I am really happy to have grabbed the opportunity. As an amateur, I learnt a lot from each of the mentors. It was thrilling & left me awestruck hearing about the various aspects of photography & how life is seen through the lens. It was humbling meeting the mentors, who put us at much ease. I returned home each day more & more exuberant. I hope I get more such opportunities to learn. Wish my sincere wishes to the entire team of Xploring Light. Thank you.

Madhavi Jarmarwala (Ahmedabad) – Workshop on Travel Photography at PDPU, Ahmedabad


Madhavi-1 Workshop Testimonials

Attended the workshop at PDPU, Ahmedabad. and was really happy learning so many new things about Travel Photography. Thank you for making the session so interesting. Hoping to learn a lot from you and attend your future workshops.

Avinash Khemka (Bhubaneshwar) – Digital Post Processing Workshop Nov. 2014


Avinash-Kemka-1 Workshop Testimonials

The Digital Post Processing Workshop on 29-30 Nov 2014 in Bhubaneswar was an eye-opener and a great learning experience for me. It has given me in-depth knowledge of photography, image-formation, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop. It has immensely helped me in adding value to my photographs. Thanks Jasminder Oberai.

Utpal Deb (New Delhi)– After the Shot Workshop March 2015


Utpal-1 Workshop Testimonials

I attended your workshop on photo editing using ACR and Photoshop on the 15 th Feb. Now that I am going through my notes and trying to apply what you taught to my own images, I realise what a lot of material you have managed to transfer in the time available to us. Yet we did not feel tired or bored during the presentation. I would like to offer you my congratulations on a great workshop and look forward to future association with you.

Rajeev Dass (New Delhi)– After the Shot Workshop March 2015


Rajeev-1 Workshop Testimonials

I attended a Photoshop CC workshop conducted by Jassi on 22 March 2015 at New Delhi. Without any doubt – Jassi gives it all. His sincerity and passion are amazing. He does not hesitate to share his knowledge and is spontaneous and reaches out in an genuine attempt to impart the right training. Very few in this profession who can match Jassi in his open hearted approach and his sincerity in making sure you learn. To perfect his workshop I however do strongly wish that Jassi would provide some course material which we could take back. Keep firing Jassi – my best wishes always !!!!

Shyamak Das (New Delhi) – After the Shot Workshop March 2015


Shyamak-Das-1 Workshop Testimonials

First of all my thanks to you Jassi Sir, for making the workshop engaging and your attention to each of us. I was at a stage where I was able to use few features of Photoshop, but never able to understand the true power of it. Perhaps was a bit awed by the vastness of Photoshop. But you made the beginning very simple. Your explanation of the workflow is simple and easy to understand. I am not practicing the steps of the workshop, but I would have loved to have an extra day of hands-on in the workshop. Thanks again for offering to answer any queries and helping in future. I truly appreciate your efforts!! Thanks Sir

Rahul Saharan on the Hasselblad Workshop with Eolo Perfido


Rahul-Saharan Workshop Testimonials

It was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. Incredible indeed. Every moment was special from morning till evening. Thanks to Xploring Light for organising such amazing workshop. I personally learnt a lot. thanks again for the efforts put in. Eolo was amazing. Looking forward to more such workshops.

Pooja Rajput (New Delhi)– Post Processing – Beyond Basics Workshop


Pooja-Rajput-1 Workshop Testimonials

The beyond basic workshop on photoshop–At the outset let me congratulate Xploring Light for bringing us a brilliantly well structured workshop under the guidance of Jasminder Oberoi. The workshop mentored by Rajneesh Panwar was one of its kind and was indeed a great learning experience,the interaction during the sessions was a great confidence booster and kept the learners alive.their was no holding back in terms of sharing knowledge and paying individual attention to each participant. kudos to the team.

Koshyk Koshy (Faridabad) – Post Processing – Beyond Basics Workshop


Koshy-1 Workshop Testimonials

I joined for the Post Processing Workshop, Beyond Basics with some trepidation. For one thing, I was not sure, at my age (Late Sixties) if I would fit in with the rest of the group. Secondly, I was a bit concerned about my own levels of skill and understanding of Photoshop, which I use minimally. Would the instructor be able to carry a novice like me along? Would I really need advanced skills and knowledge of Photoshop? I am glad to say, I had no issue either about my advanced age or my low levels of skills. Rajneesh Panwar is an awesome teacher. His own knowledge and skills of the various intricate operations of Photoshop cannot fail to impress even a hard-nosed cop like me. Add to it his immense patience and admirable communication skills and what more can you ask from a mentor? Jassi complemented and supplemented Rajneesh with admin support and timely interventions and hands on support. The subject was so vast, complicated and intricate one wishes the Workshop was longer. Once you return home and start working on what one learned during the two eventful days, you realize what you had missed all these years. Thank you Jassi and Rajneesh for this wonderful gift! Hope we get to work together again. All the best.

Vinay Sinha (New Delhi) – Post Processing – Beyond Basics Workshop


vinay Workshop Testimonials

Attended the two day post processing work shop – Beyond Basics of photoshop mentored by Jassi and Rajneesh. It was a wonderful experience and the quality of the mentoring was top notch and extremely high class. Rajneesh has an exceptional command over photoshop and he was more than willing to share it with the participants and then there was Jassi who would often come to the rescue of the amateurs like me and further explain it in his own simple and effective style. Loved it.

Vinayak Garg (New Delhi) – Post Processing Beyond Basics Workshop


Vinayak-Garag-1 Workshop Testimonials

I attended a 2 day workshop on editing photo using Photoshop. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a serious photographer and would like to make photos more impactful. Jassi Sir has deep insights into photography and really understands the art. I was really happy that he kept emphasizing that photoshop is not an excuse to take bad photos, it is for you to make your good photos amazing! I am really happy that what we learnt was practically relevant, and I could straight away begin working on my own photographs. Sir provided us a step-by-step workflow which is really helpful. I am now able to make my photos look stronger, by just spending 5-10 minutes on them.

Priyanka Singhal (New Delhi) – The Art of Creating Black and White Workshop


Priyanka-1 Workshop Testimonials

I attended black and white post processing workshop beyond basics and the best I can say is I fell in love with this art. I feel how everything comes out with black and white that can never be told through the coloured version. Thanks to Rajneesh for making it an understandable and easy process plus helping me with some easy traits to deal with problems during an ongoing workflow. My vision has been changed since then and I feel so confident about my work now which I use to lack earlier whenever I see good piece of work from renowned photographers. The point was how they make even a black and white picture so communicative? And it was answered well here in workshop. Every little thing in a picture was considered and taken care off to be enhanced in the best possible way!

As a suggestion I just felt that duration should be for less hours and to be divided in two days as it will help everyone to understand and grasp more knowledge and to be able to adapt and remember for long.

Dr. Poonam Singh (New Delhi) – Post Processing Beyond Basics Workshop (Dec. 2015)


Poonam-1 Workshop Testimonials

I take extreme pleasure in extending my thanks for such an amazing workshop.It is very rare in this time and age to so benevolently share your knowledge which I could gather was achieved by an in depth and relentless hard work behind the scenes.I hope I have imbibed some of it to built upon this to pursue this interesting art form further. Time and again I could see my patience waning on my slow learning curve but Rajneesh never lost his cool in reiterating the same concept nth times till I understood it. Every time Jassi asks me to rate his tour/workshop I am reminded of a story that was quoted in my childhood about Dr Rajendra Prasad who was given 101 marks out of 100 with the remark “examinee is better than the examiner”.I don’t have the audacity to be an examiner but you are giving me the right to hold the pen then I can draw an analogy to say I would rate it 6 out of 5. Hope that suffices. Great going guys. Cheers!

Gurpreet Sehra (New Delhi) – Portrait Photography Workshop Jan 2016


Gurpreet-1 Workshop Testimonials

To begin with Jassi Sir being a Faculty for Photographers is a Great Person. He explains ones Query with the Language and terminology one can easily understand and can retain for ever. Looking forward for More Great Sessions in Future

Abhishek Dhakate (Nagpur) – Portrait Photography – The Art of Capturing Emotions (Jan 2016)


Abhishek-2 Workshop Testimonials

This was indeed a masterclass. The master himself sharing the insights on clicking portraiture was indeed amazing. I found my passion in clicking Portraits. I have been clicking portraits since a long time now. To be honest like most of us do, I also read a hundred articles by different photographers on clicking portraiture be it street or indoor portrait shoot. When I came for the masterclass somewhere I had in mind that more r less the same things will be shared in this one too.

Its Xploring Light and Jassi Oberai we are talking about. It might sound very dramatic but couldn’t find a more apt line to describe this,
Cheete Ki chaal, Baaz ki nazar aur Xploring Light ke Workshops par sandeh nahi karte. Kabhi bhi maat de sakti hain.”
Indeed “maat” (defeat) de hi di sabko…
As the masterclass started Jassi shared his experience of clicking portraiture. The tips that he shared were just something beyond what I had read or heard. What I always thought portraiture was, or rather what my ideas were of clicking portraiture was just crushed within minutes of the class. 
The points shared by Jassi in the masterclass were all new, they had come from an experience of years of practice and learning. To my good luck I had an assignment right from the very next day of the masterclass. I applied those simple tricks and the results were amazing. 
Once again thanks to Jassi Sir and Xploring Light for giving this wonderful opportunity to knowledge thirsty photographers like me to learn and grow.

Abhishek Dhakate (Nagpur) – Art of Creating Black and White (Jan 2016)


Abhishek-2 Workshop Testimonials

Writing a feedback for Xploring Light like I have been saying is a difficult task. Its been more than two years now that I have been associated with Xploring Light. I have seen myself grow as a Photographer and an artist in these two years. When I began Photographing I didn’t know where my interest was. Whether I wanted to do wildlife, or weddings etc. However I found my passion in clicking portraiture. In clicking those emotions that people have. Everyday people. Now I like clicking on the streets as well doing indoor shoots for my clients.
Like I said I found my interest as a portrait photographer, to be specific a Black and White Portrait Photographer. I have been always processing my portraits in Black and White. But I always felt that there was something lacking. Some how I was not satisfied with them even when my clients were satisfied and happy with it.
This workshop just totally changed the way I used to process my images in Black n White, not only portraits but also landscapes. As I came back I did a Portrait shoot and just followed the workflow which I learned in the workshop. Result, AMAZING. Finally I was satisfied. For the first time as an artist I felt that what I had seen was achieved. Had a real good sleep after that.
Thanks to Jassi and Rajneesh for this one…
If you are in Love with BnW, this is one of those workshops you cant afford to miss..

Yogesh Gupta (Faridabad) – After the Shot (Feb 2016)


Yogesh-1 Workshop Testimonials

It was my 2nd time association with Mr. Jassi Oberai, first a photo tour – Ladakh in Winters and now for basic post processing class. Both experiences were amazing with him. The way he illustrates is simply superb. His work flow for post processing is very simple to learn yet very effective in terms of results. He focuses on the core problems and has small but effective steps to resolve them.

It was a 2 days workshop and I can bet no one can cover that much in a full week class. The workshop is very productive in terms of learning. Now I can enhance my images with minimal steps.
I heartily recommend Mr. Jassi for any kind of photography course. He is the master of photography and never hesitate to share his knowledge to others.

Looking forward for future association with him.

Col. Sanjay Sinha (New Delhi) – After the Shot (Feb 2016)


Sanjay-Sinha Workshop Testimonials

Dear Mr. Jassi, It was indeed a great learning from you on photoshop basics. You have a God gifted knack of teaching by making the most complicated things look simple and easy. Keep up the good work. I look forward to attend more classes run by you. God bless.

Cdr(R) Rajesh Kumar Singh (Gurgaon) – After the Shot (Feb 2016)


Rajesh-Singh Workshop Testimonials

Frankly, one of the most productive courses I have ever attended. Small batch size of just 4 studends ensured that we had all the attention of Mr Jassi that we needed. More importantly, unlike in most courses, entire time, from 10AM to 5PM with a small break for working lunch was gainfully used.
The course is beautifully planned and structured. I have learnt processes in photoshop  that I don’t think I could have learnt from internet or from some less accomplished person. The icing on the cake came as  Mr Jassi’s offer to help even after the course is over.

In short, a full Paisa Vasool and more importantly, Time Vasool course. Strongly recommend to anyone who is keen to get his hands on Photoshop quickly without much pain